MegaProLogic Development Board for Arduino 2560 Mega


MegaProLogic USB-CPLD Development System





The MegaProLogic is designed to support the 2560 Mega board of the Arduino Open Source Prototyping Platform. The 2560 Mega has limited capabilities with 16 MIPS, 8Kbytes of SRAM, and a USB-to-serial channel capable of 115,200 bits per second transfer rate. With data transfer rates of 8 MegaBytes per second, the MegaProLogic has 80 times faster USB transfers than the Arduino 2560 Mega. The MegaProLogic extends the functional capability of the Arduino 2560 Mega. Users can offload compute intensive calculations to the CPLD and free up the AT Mega2560 for more important functionality.


The MegaProLogic board contains an Altera EPM570 CPLD combined with the various features listed below. The CPLD is programmable by the Altera Quartus II software which executes on the host PC and is downloaded to the CPLD through an FTDI FT2232H USB connector board. The EPT Active Transfer Library is available for communicating with the Arduino 2560 Mega. The Active Transfer Library is downloaded to the MegaProLogic board via the Quartus II software and provides capabilities for sending triggers, and two-way single byte transfers and multibyte transfers between the Arduino and MegaProLogic boards. Control and communication to/from the MegaProLogic and the Active Host PC is performed via the Active Host/HyperSerial Port software system.


The EPT-570-AP-M4 Requires the use of a USB Micro Type B cable. EPT recommends the EPT-218-UC-R2 cable.



Hardware Features:

  • Altera EPM570 CPLD in the TQFP 100 pin package
  • 440 Logic Cells and 8Kbytes of User Flash
  • 66 MHz oscillator for driving user code
  • USB data transfers using High Speed rate (480 Mbps)
  • 32 User inputs/outputs compatible with 5 Volt I/O’s
  • Four green LEDs accessible by the user
  • Two PCB switches accessible by the user
  • Programming of the CPLD via the USB FT2232H Mini Module
  • All connectors stack into the Arduino Mega
  • Removable USB FT2232H Mini Module

Programming Features:

  • Program the CPLD directly from Quartus II
  • Use Active Host Application to send and receive Triggers, Bytes and Block data
  • Use Active Transfer Library to initiate multiple communication modules in the CPLD


85-000002 Arduino Mega USB/PLD Development System User Manual MEGA_USB_CPLD_UM_Ver_1.pdf
95-000002 Arduino Mega USB/PLD Development System Data Sheet MEGA_USB_CPLD_DS_Ver_1.pdf
45-000002 Arduino Mega USB-CPLD Development System Project CD MEGA_USB_CPLD_PROJECT_CD.ZIP
55-000002 Arduino Mega USB-CPLD Development System Schematics MEGA_USB_CPLD_SCHEMATICS.PDF
35-000001 EPT Drivers EPT_2.08.24.ZIP


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